Laundry Rooms – To Stack or Not To Stack?

Laundry rooms are without a doubt a service area, but they can be attractive, colorful and functional spaces. In two recent cases, I faced with the question of whether or not to stack the washer and dryer. In the first case, stacking was the most practical application given the available space, a very awkward room inside the garage.

Removing a deep and poorly spaced shelf was the first practical thing to do. The client was using it for storage with predictable results: things were out of sight and got lost. The shelf was too high and too deep. What seemed like a good idea in theory was disastrous in practice.

Once the shelf was removed, it was clear that stacking the washer and dryer was the answer to this awkward room. The space once occupied by the washer became available for easy-to-reach narrow shelves to hold laundry products within easy reach of a person of any height.

The second laundry room was an addition added to the existing room. In this space, the washer and dryer could be useful either side by side or stacked. Stacking the appliances in this instance improved the storage capacity of the room. Since only tall people could access cabinets above the washer and dryer easily, stacking would permit the space for a tall cabinet into which anyone could reach for laundry or cleaning products.

In this second situation, stacking allowed more visual space and made room for a folding table or desk, adding another definite advantage. This laundry room provides a corridor to the back yard and patio where the homeowners hold summer parties. As an additional bonus, this space make a great landing place for food, buffet style, keeping insects outside and off the prepared foods.

Changing out the old door with windows in the top half for a door with a full window from top to bottom floods the room with light, making it feel even roomier. Tall ceilings and more windows are the answer to many small room problems if they can be made to fit into the remodeling plan.

Stacking the laundry makes a lot of sense for most applications, but side by side appliances allow for a counter on top for folding, if you are lucky enough to have windows above the machines for light and air circulation and do not have to reach into upper cabinets.

Make sure you look at all the aspects of your situation, keeping in mind that light as well as storage need to be considered.