Law of Detachment – The Truth of Letting Go

The Law of Detachment says that the way to acquire what you want is to let go of your attachment to it. By letting go, we’re not letting go our intention to manifest our desire! We are letting go the forcing of it.

We want to hold on so dearly, so tight, we want to force things to happen. We think that is we put enough power behind what we want, we can make it happen. When we push or force our desire, it puts us in a “need” mode.

By putting yourself in a need mode, you are going to repel things from you. It is when you let it go that you are demonstrating that you don’t need it. To let it go means that you have a real knowing that your desire will come to you.

We’ve all had the needy salesman that pushes for the sale. Sometimes, it isn’t anything that the salesman says or does, it is just this feeling that we get that tells us to leave the store, end the conversation, get away from him/her. We can feel that need and the forcing of the sale, which repels us.

You might not know how your desire will manifest in your life, but you know that your desire will come to you. You have faith that it is on its way. No doubt, no fear about if it will come, you know its just a matter of time. It is the letting go of the attachment that creates the alignment where your manifestation can come to you.

This is the Law of Detachment.

Remember when you were younger and had a crush on someone that you really liked. Maybe they weren’t that into you, maybe you followed them around, called them, but you got the message eventually that they didn’t feel the same way about you. You could feel, really feel, that they didn’t have the same attraction that you felt.

There was a point when you realize that it’s time for you to move on and move forward. The next thing you know, they’re calling you, contacting you, they’re wanting to get together… Yes, this is the Law of Detachment.

You moved on. Possibly starting dating someone else, didn’t give the other person any more of your exclusive attention and he/she felt that. You were able to let go of that need of that person. He/She feels it and is attracted to you.

It is the letting go, the moving out of the need mode into a positive vibration of you’re okay on your own that is so attractive!

If you had this experience, it is incredible! The one thing I would suggest this week, take a look at your life. What can you detach from? What are you willing to let go of with the absolute trust and faith that it will come back to you? What are attracting by letting go of the force of it? Take a look at Law of Detachment in your life and how letting go can bring wonderful things into your life.