Lawn Bowls Hypnosis – Take Your Game to the Next Level

I am sure you have heard many players say that the game of lawn bowls is played 70% above the shoulders.

Unfortunately no one tells you how to address the mental side of your game.

Why is it you can bowl a perfect draw shot, and then be two metres out with your next bowl?

Well there is a lot more to it than lack of concentration.

You see, your mind controls your arm to deliver that perfect weight and line, your body simple responds to commands from the mind.

Hypnosis will connect your subconscious mind to all those shots you have played so well in previous games, it doesn’t matter if you are drawing or driving.

After using hypnosis for a few weeks you will find that when you step onto the mat your conscious mind will concentrate on your delivery technique while your subconscious mind will automatically produce the line and weight needed for the shot.

The best hypnosis concept I have come across is using a technique called the “Spotlight of Perfection.

While under hypnosis you imagine a golden circle of light surrounding you as you step onto the mat. You then imagine playing different shots and recalling past experiences.

These shots and experiences are stored in your “Spotlight of Perfection”, when you need that perfect 24 metre draw shot your subconscious mind searches your library of shots and pulls out that weight and line information.

Your conscious mind looks after the technical stuff like delivery technique.

Through hypnosis your subconscious mind is also programmed to store the memory of all good bowls that you play into your spotlight of perfection for future use, so you see, your shot selection just gets stronger and stronger.

My own bowling performance has increased dramatically with the use of hypnosis. The session I use only takes 30 minutes and it’s a really great way to relax before you head off to your game.

Even if you are a top bowler and think you can’t get any better you will find that with the use of hypnosis you can just squeeze that little bit more to raise your performance level even higher.

If you are an average bowler then you can expect some major improvement in your bowling using hypnosis.

Hypnosis really does allow your mind to control your body to deliver that bowl where you want it.

Life’s too short to let your game stagnate as the years slip by, do yourself a favour and get your head right for next season.