Laxminarayan Temple – An Iconic Temple in the Capital of India

Delhi is the biggest metropolis in India widely known for its cultural diversity while being the political and cultural hub of India. New Delhi preserves many historical and traditional structures that one can observe as paradigms of this thriving nation's craftsmanship. New Delhi's rich culture and lifestyle is wrapped around temples and shrines of the city and spiced with vibrant festivals throughout the year.

Not only can you witness a great variety of architectural styles but also experience traditions and heritage of the locals during a tour in New Delhi. Come to the capital of India, New Delhi and you can experience this diversity for yourself. One of the impressive architectures can be found at New Delhi's Laxminarayan Temple which portrays an exotic facade with its contrasting tones and unique design.

The construction of Laxminarayan Temple was commissioned by the renowned Indian industrialists called Birla Family. Hence Laxminarayan Temple is also called Birla Mandir or Birla Temple and is also the very first Hindu temple built by the Birla Family. There are many Birla Temples built across India by this family including temples in Hyderabad and Jaipur.

As per its name the temple in Delhi is dedicated to Laxminarayan which translates to Laxmi and Narayan. Laxmi is a deity and is also the consort of Lord Vishnu, a supreme Hindu god who is also referred to as Narayan. Lord Vishnu is also a god from the Hindu Trinity representing the title of Preserver. And so the name Laxminarayan is a collective term referring to the two deities Laxmi and Narayan.

Laxminarayan Temple was completed in 1932. This temple is quite special for the locals as it allows devotees from all casts to enter and pay homage without discrimination. This was a condition laid down by the Father of India, Mahatma Gandhi. The temple was designed by Sris Chandra Chatterjee following the Orissa architectural style dipped in Mughal splendour.

The striking facade of Laxminarayan Temple is wrapped in carvings inspired by Hindu myths. They were carved meticulously by over hundred artisans under the guidance of Acharya Vishvanath Shasthri. The temple's contrasting hues, maroon and yellow, highlights these carvings wonderfully while adding an enthralling landmark to the cityscape.

Laxminarayan Temple has high shikaras, mountain shaped towers, where the tallest reach a height of 160 feet. These are topped by beautiful amalakas, circular rib like decorations. The temple's vibrant facade is made of red sand stone and white marble, accentuating the charm of Mughal architecture. At this Hindu sanctuary you will also find fountains and gardens in addition to many sculptures besides elaborate jalis, perforate screens with impressive designs.

Laxminarayan Temple in New Delhi sits close to the famous shopping and business hub Connaught Place resting on the road, Mandir Marg.