LCD Articulating Mount Or TV Wall Mount Swivel – To Tilt Or Not to Tilt

Using an LCD articulating mount or TV wall mount swivel might be one of the largest choices you are going to make in your install. Why? Because, like tattooing "Margret" on your forearm, you will be stuck with it for a long, long time. Unlike tattooing Margret's name on yourself, you have a chance to impress your wife by making the right choice.

First let's define them both and then we might get a better idea of ​​what their purpose and niche is. The LCD articulating mount has almost a full range of motion. You can pull your TV out from the wall and swivel left and right as well as tilt up and down. With the TV wall mount swivel you only have right to left movement. Sounds like in every case you're going to use the LCD articulating mount, right? Hold your horses, there are times when both have distinct advantages.

The wall mount swivel option is generally more secure, but limited by the fact you will only be able to adjust your TV from side to side. That's not to say that the LCD articulating mount is unsecure, but the added dimension of up and down tilt and extending arm is not always an advantage in an area where people will be passing close to your TV over and over again.

The location of your TV is often the deciding factor. Where are you putting your TV? Mounted under the kitchen cabinet? In the bedroom corner? In the can? These are your variables. The best rule of thumb on this is to look at wherever you are going to need tilt. Let's look at the two extremes on this … Mounting a TV under a kitchen cabinet: when would you ever need tilt? You could really use some tilt when you start that floor tiling project or something – but other than that? Um … never; so use the swivel. How about over your fireplace? That's the perfect spot for an LCD articulating mount. You will need to pull your TV out from the wall and tilt it down as you will most likely be higher than eye level.

Nine out of ten times you will be inclined to go with an articulating wall mount; it's nice to have that extra tilt function. Nine out of ten times, you will be correct, my young Padawan. The swivel wall mount is extremely handy in rooms that have quite a bit of traffic, or in areas that you expect to be watching at eye level most of the time. Locations like the aforementioned kitchen cabinet and workbenches (which are "busy" areas) are best served by a TV wall mount swivel. For just about everywhere else, the swivel mount looks to have the advantage, particularly in areas such as living rooms and bedrooms, where the traffic is considered lighter.

Remember to actually read the installation instructions. The last thing you want is to start showing off how clever you are to the wife only to have your TV plummet to the ground. If that happens-well maybe Margaret is still single …