LCD TV Mounting Brackets

There is a variety of LCD TV mounting brackets to choose from, yet most people struggle with that simple task. Is it hard to decide which mounting bracket to buy? Of course it is not, but before you head towards you local TV store, let me explain some basics regarding mounting brackets shopping.

I assume you've already bought LCD TV. Next obvious step is buying LCD TV mounting (wall) bracket. As you already know, LCD TVs come in different sizes and so do mounting brackets. So carefully choose your mounting bracket so it can fit your LCD well. Do this as your first step since it's the most important.

After that choose the position for your LCD mounting (wall) brackets. I guess it should be a wall somewhere in your living room. It's important to know what kind of material is wall made of. Usually mounting brackets come with fastening hardware. And there is different hardware for wood and for concrete.

LCD cabling is also yet another important fact to take into account. What's the point of LCD mounting if you can not plug in your TV? It's important to ensure that your brackets leave enough space for cables. You could maybe buy LCD TV brackets with already done cable management. It would make your life easier.

Now that we've sorted out important aspects of LCD TV mounting brackets shopping, it's time to move on to less important ones. After you eliminate all those that do not fit your LCD TV size, your wall and your cable management, you still have to choose type of mounting bracket and color and material as well.

There are several types of mounting brackets. You can decide between fixed, tilting or cantilever. The main difference among them is flexibility. As the name suggests, fixed LCD mounted on fixed bracket can not be moved. Tilting LCD TV brackets offer a bit more flexibility. You can move your LCD up and down for about 10 degrees or so. Cantilever LCD mounting brackets give you the most flexibility. If you install that type of mounting bracket, you can even pull your LCD television away from the wall as well as change angles.

I hope you found this LCD television mounting (wall) brackets shopping guide informative and useful.