LCD TV Mounting For a Better Viewing Experience

The LCD and Plasma TVs which have a great picture quality are the most ideal TV sets for any home as they match all kinds of home decors. The LCD and Plasma TVs, with a light weight and sleek structure, make a great wall  mounting .  Mounting  on the wall is ideal to watch these flat panel TVs as the display quality looks great and its sleek and slender body allows for less space consumption compared to the non flat panel TVs. The traditional TVs might need their own stands and consume a lot of internal space whereas these LCD TVs can be just mounted on the wall. The wall  mounting  can also be adjusted to heighten your viewing experience to the optimum.

You have a choice of  mounting  the TV on either the interior or exterior wall whichever allows a good connection with the other gadgets attached to your TV. Choosing an exterior wall to install your TV is not a great option if you have to attach a sound system or a DVD Player to your LCD TV. Utilizing a VESA compatible Plasma TV is a great option. The VESA or Video Electronics Standards Association compatible TV ensures that it will fit the durable VESA LCD TV mounts. Selecting the right type of mount for your TV is crucial. You need to find the perfect size that fits your LCD TV and also the perfect type. Several flat screen TV Wall mounts can be found with a fixed universal mount, one that tilts fully and an articulating arm mount.

The inexpensive Universal Fixed or Low Profile LCD TV mount is a great option if you need an easy installation. The fixed character on this wall  mounting  comes from the bubble level which is provided to ease the installation process. The only real disadvantage in this type is that, whenever you need to add cable connections, you’d be required to take out the whole installation and install it all over again. This TV mount is ideal for TVs that are 37 to 63 inches and are also fit the standards of VESA  mounting  hardware.

Slightly more expensive than the Universal fixed Mount is the Universal Tilting LCD and Plasma TV mount even though their installation process is quite similar. The main difference between these two models is that the Universal Tilting LCD Wall Mount is adjustable by the viewers to optimise the TV viewing experience. This also means that every time you need to add new cables, you don’t need to uninstall the mount and reinstall it. This also fits 37 to 63 inch TVs and can hold up to 200 pounds. The Articulating LCD TV mount though, has the perfect viewing angles as it can be tilted from -5 to 15 degrees up and down and pans 180 degrees side to side. A good model which fits all the VESA requirements and is highly efficient is the Sylvania SYL-MA3210B. It may be beneficial to get a professional to install the mount if you’re new to the procedure.