LCD Wall Mount Bracket Specially Designed to Hold Large Entertainment

An LCD wall mount bracket will free up space in the living room or family/TV room by allowing the homeowner to mount their LCD television on the wall in addition to offering a home theater experience. These brackets keep the television close to the wall for a sleek and stylish look, no wires or brackets showing on most models. There are some models that have an ‘arm’ which allows the LCD to swing out and pivot, tilt or angle for better viewing. When looking for an LCD wall mount bracket be sure to find one that is VESA – Video Electronic Standard Association approved for easier insulation. There are those brackets and televisions that do not fall within the guidelines of the VESA, but they put the standards on the electronics so it’s a good idea to choose the best.

PSW32OST Flat Panel Wall Mount Bracket

This can hold up to a 132 pound television unit that is 26 inches to 36 inches. This not allow for swiveling or tilting of the television.

LCD Wall Mount Bracket – #97-804

This capable of holding a television of up to 30 inches with a maximum weight of 44 pounds. This wall mount bracket does have an ‘arm’ for swiveling +20 degrees or -20 degrees in addition to three tilting positions. This is a low profile design which meets all VESA standards and is gray in color.

Bentley LCM-103

The prefect solution for an LCD television, an LCD wall mount bracket has a unique design last practically hides this aluminum constructed mounting unit behind the television. This is manufactured to hold LCD screens up to 37 inches with a maximum load of 33 pounds. The bracket will allow television to swivel to the left and right 180 degrees in addition to tilting up and down up to 70 degrees. Short extension away from wall at 2.75 inches however it folds flat to wall for near invisibility.

LCD Flush Wall Mount BT-7521

This is perfect for all brands and styles of LCD televisions and folds flush to the wall for virtual invisibility so the television looks integrated into the wall as well as a photograph in a frame. Allowable weight for the screen is up to 53 pounds with a width of 32 inches and is designed for VESA mounting patterns of 200mm x 100mm, 100mm x 100mm or 75mm x 75mm. The mounting rack is hooked to the wall with its brackets at only 3/4 inch from the wall and uses a single stud mounting form.

B-Tech BT-8431 LCD Wall Mount

A LCD wall mount bracket for large or medium LCD televisions up to 77 pounds and with screens between 21 inches and 37 inches. This will work with both VESA and non-VESA compliant television screens. Easy insulation features ‘hook on’ mounting. Mounting bracket allows TV screen to tilt at a plus or minus 15 degrees with knob adjustments, locking bar included for secure insulation.