LCD Wall Mounts Installation Tips

Wall mounting a picture or a piece of art is quite simple. You may appreciate it better if you are a professional artist. Once you finish your masterpiece you get it framed, find a suitable place to hang the picture and hang it.

There ends the matter. However, LCD wall mounts are comparatively difficult, particularly if you want to do it yourself.

The first step would be to ascertain whether the model can be wall mounted. This can be ascertained by checking the box or the owner's manual if it contains a mention of the words 'VESA Compatible' or just VESA mount. VESA is an acronym for "Video Electronics Standards Association" and it implies that the TV can be wall mounted. Next comes the most difficult part – selecting an appropriate mount for your LCD TV. You have to also consider whether you want a tilt to your LCD TV wall mount since a wall mount which is capable of a tilt can help reduce glare from a window, which was not anticipated.

As regards mounts, there are a variety of ready made wall mounts available in the market. You have wall mounts which permit tilting, rotating and swiveling movements, and also shift from landscape to portrait position just by rotating. The swivel and tilts can also be set to resist movement or permit limited movement. There are models which allow or can carry specific weights. You also have types with arms that allow folding so that the LCD TV is seated flat against the wall. You can also select a wall mount based on the LCD TV size.

Once you purchase the mount according to your liking, you have to decide whether to do the LCD wall mount yourself or to call in a professional. If you are going to do it yourself then the following can be used as guidelines.

The first step in mounting an LCD will be to decide where the LCD mount will be. The degree of difficulty will depend upon the location of where you intend to mount the LCD since you have to take into consideration a host of factors including protrusions on the walls, the distance from the electric socket to the place where the LCD mount will be, etc. You can . Read more You information on lcd televisions at Http://

Second ensure that the tool kit contains all the tools necessary for a mount. Many a time when you begin work and after some progress has been made, you find that you lack a particular tool and ultimately end up calling the
professional, after having done half the job yourself. And just because you had done part of the job he is not going
to give you a discount either. So, if you are not sure whether you have all the tools necessary for the job, better call the professional right away.

Tools you may need for wall mounting the LCD TV:

Tape measure


A socket set

Cordless drill

Stud finder

The above provides you with some inputs and some precautions you need take into consideration to wall mount LCD TVs.