Lead Guitar Tips – How to Practice Hammer Ons and Pull Offs

When you’ve heard of those famous records that have made it to the top it is usually because of the talents of the lead guitar player. When the reference is being made to the guitar that’s in lead this is referring to the ability to be able to play specific melodies. Most often these will include a solo or the instrument only being played by the one individual at the time. All ones has to do is look back at the many famous guitar players to see just how popular playing lead guitar can be.

This is not something that just comes by nature to the majority of these individuals it takes a great deal of time and work and this means dedicating ones self to many many hours of practice. In order for these master guitar players to accomplish what they do there are different categories that they need to learn they have to know how to use the scales in there most detailed forms and then you will also hear terms of licks or rifts that they have to learn as a upcoming guitar player then you will certainly need to learn the terms of what tapping means as well as hammer ons and then of course pull offs.

A term that is often used amongst the guitar world is slurs this is a combination where pull offs and hammer ons are utilized together. What is meant by a hammer is simply that the guitar that is in the lead has the ability to create a sound that is smooth when changing from one note to another. This is the method used to do a solo playing.

If you were to watch a guitar player while they were doing this you would see as they made one motion it created several different notes almost like playing a saxophone for example this is why it is referred to as a slur. When you are thinking about a hammer on it means hitting one string that is open or free this is used for patterns and often you will hear this as being referred to as strumming.

in respect to a pull off it just means that the player is doing a hammer technique first and then reversing it when its reversed this is called the pull off for beginners that are learning how to play this what they should do is on the fifth fret place there index finger this is on the d string and then the ring finger would go on the seventh fret then when the note is played removing the ring finger but not the index finger would give the sound that one is looking for it will sound like a slur.

Tapping is one of the most favourite techniques used by many professional guitar players it is most often seen when a electric guitar is being used but it can be used on almost any type of instrument that contains strings there are two types of tapping which is the one hand or the two hand in either event though both techniques require the use of both hands.