Leadership Success – A Classification of Leadership Traits

Ever since the method of directed thought has taken root in the human thinking process, many have wondered upon a significant question, is leadership a skill that one is born with or can years of training and study instill the talents of a leader? The answer to this particular question is different according to every school of thought, but nonetheless, there are certain qualities that identify and differentiate a functioning leader. What we as modern human beings should keep in mind is that we know a lot more about the universe around us than our ancestors and by sheer will power we can achieve a lot more than what they ever thought possible. We shall try to identify a few of the basic skills that are necessary to cultivate a leading attitude among your peers so that you can establish your authority without much resistance. No matter how you were placed in the mantle of leading, that is quire irrelevant, once you do find yourself with such responsibility, you should try to enhance and produce Leadership Traits in yourself for as Marcus Aurelia the celebrated Roman General rightly said:

“Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be, be one.”


A Leader should be honest and open about his agenda, this can have far reaching consequences for the present and the future, being honest will intrinsically attract people to your cause, you shall recruit loyalty among your followers and they shall be aware of what to expect from being under your command.

Visionary Outlook:

In order for others to believe in you or your cause, you have to show them something spectacular and transformational, a sight of the future that might take their breath away will quickly rally them to your side and your ball shall be rolling in a matter of seconds, but do bear in mind that showing castles and offering tents has a very negative impact on your repute, again honesty is key.


Although leading a group of people is a task of mammoth proportions on its own, but before you actually go on to do that, you should be sure that you are perfectly capable of handling the specific operation that you are to be put in charge of or at least you have a team that shall not be slowed down by any technicalities.

Fairness in Judgment:

You should possess huge amounts of Emotional Intelligence and be in sync with the mental acuity of your peers, you should realize the highs and lows that they go through and accordingly be fair in your treatment towards them. Remember that your every decision will be closely scrutinized and it will be near impossible to please everyone but try to be as fair as the situation allows.

Charismatic & Inspiring in leadership traits:

Charisma can mean different things for different people, but what all can agree upon for the definition is the fact that you should possess the ability to rivet people with your passion, they should hang on your every word, you should command their thoughts by your actions, although this is mostly metaphorical but you can achieve a near perfection in this art if you are thoroughly motivated.