Leadership Tips – 8 Barriers to Achieving Your Goals

Every one of us enjoys achieving results. It gives us a good feeling when we achieve a result or goal that we set. It also motivates us to do more and achieve more. While most of us would recognise this, it is suggested that:

o Only about 25% of us consistently set specific targets

o Only 3% have one specific goal for every major area of their life

o Only 8% take a consistent action step toward attainment of a goal

So what are the 8 main barriers to achieving your goals?

Barrier 1: Lack of desire/hunger/motivation

If you do not have a real desire to achieve a specific goal, you will not be motivated to achieve it. The first time that any setback occurs they will merely give up or convince themselves that it was not destined to happen.

Barrier 2: No stake/nothing to lose

A good way of illustrating this is to compare an entrepreneur to a leader in a major organisation. The entrepreneur will generally have a high personal stake, may have borrowed, offered their home as security to achieve a goal. They have a high personal stake. The leader in the large organisation could lose their job and status so there is something at stake, but not on the same scale.

Barrier 3: Need for certainty

If you need to be certain that everything will work out as you expected, chances are it will get in the way of achievement. Why? Quite simply that other than death, nothing is certain.

Barrier 4: Lack of persistence/commitment

Everyone is usually committed at the start of something new but they often lack the persistence to get the result that they want. Anything significant is likely to require a fair bit of effort to achieve, whether it is a qualification, senior level job or major change programme that they are leading.

Barrier 5: Past equals future

Ever noticed people saying that is no good doing something because they tried in the past and failed. The past is history and you cannot change it. Take delegating for example, someone might have tried it once and failed so they make up that it will never work in the future.

Barrier 6: Fear

Fear is probably the main barrier to achieving. It stops people from taking action for a whole host of reasons such as rejection, failure and others reaction. Recognise everyone has doubts and that if you want to achieve you need to act despite those doubts.

Barrier 7: Focusing on negatives

Certain professions focus on looking at the downside. While you cannot ignore downside, it is important that you do not forget about the opportunities. If you are just focusing on the negatives you are probably locking out your creativity.

Barrier 8: Not focusing

There are so many choices and it is easy to get distracted. A lack of focus can lead to you never following through on anything.

Bottom Line – We all have barriers to achieving our goals. What barriers do you need to tackle to achieve great success at achieving results?