Leaf Relief Gutter Guard Review – What to Expect From This Gutter Protective Cover

There are not many manufacturers of gutter guards on the market, but the competition between them is severe. That is why it is not uncommon for a product to come with a range of one-sided reviews – some are overly praising it while others denounce it completely. This is applicable to the Leaf Relief gutter guard reviews as well. Read on to find out an objective review of this gutter protective system.

The Leaf Relief gutter guard belongs to the screen type. The panels that cover the gutters have tiny holes for the water to flow through. At the same time the leaves, twigs and other debris are prevented from entering the gutter and clogging it. The panels are made from aluminum. Their top side ends with a runner that is to be slipped under the shingles during installation. The bottom runner is fastened to the lip of the gutter with the use of screws.

The design of the Leaf Relief gutter panels determines the system’s performance. The small holes prevent all kinds of leaves and twigs from falling inside the gutter. This is definitely an advantage. The structure is also effective in preventing larger dust and pollen mites from entering the channel and clogging it. Still, it is still easy for pine needles and debris, such as sand particles, to enter the gutter. Additionally, the small holes are easier to clog, so the water flow rate can be reduced relatively easily.

The surface of the Leaf Relief panels is smooth. This allows the leaves to slide down more easily even with the slightest breeze. However, the screens are not slanting. This means that it is possible for wet leaves falling onto the panels to stick to them during rainy days. This makes it harder for them to fall down on their own.

These gutter guard screens are made from aluminum, which is considered to be one of the best materials for such structures. The main advantage of this metal is that it is totally water resistant. It will not rust after years of use. Aluminum is strong as well, but the Leaf Relief panels are not very thick. This means that they can withstand pressure from snow, but they might get bent.

The Leaf Relief gutter guard is installed with the use of screws. This makes the structure relatively stable, provided that the installation is done properly. For this purpose, you might have to rely on the services of a professional which will make the product costlier.