Lean Back And Watch Him Move Closer

Women have made enormous progress in recent decades where we have taken on new roles of leadership like never before.

We are running businesses, corporations and even countries and yet are we any happier?

Let me explain.

Your masculine energy is vital at work, in the office or the boardroom, and yet too much of it can cause a lot of problems in your love relationship.

It’s like salsa dancing with both parties trying to lead!

If one partner is leading and the other follows it feels right and lovely to watch.

Not that one dancer is better or more skilled than the other, it just isn’t possible to make it work with two people in charge.

Just like two rams butting horns!

And the same applies to your relationship.

Let me explain the energy bubble which represents the overall energy dynamic of a relationship.

Imagine two people facing each other in the bubble, as one leans forward the other person naturally leans back; which explains why it is essential to be aware of your body posture and energy whenever you are in the company or even thinking about your man.

This is a fundamental area that causes many problems in our relationships because not many of us do this well.

We, women, are experts at leaning forward!

Let’s go a bit deeper.

We all probably have experienced those conversations when somebody is standing too close, and you naturally feel compelled to step back!

It is the same scenario with your relationship!

Leaning forward is not only a body posture but the energy of taking leadership or control and invading his space which includes thinking about him all the time.

Subconsciously it feels like an energetic attack to a masculine man.

Organising, managing, delegating, problem-solving, suggesting and taking responsibility for everything including planning all the outings, phone calls, texting etc. are leaning forward.

Leaning back is especially important during those times when you feel your man becoming distant or not so attentive, which periodically is typical masculine behaviour.

John Gray calls this rubberbanding where men need time to themselves to gather their energy, solve problems and be autonomous, and it is especially prevalent after moments of emotional intimacy.

Understanding that this rubberbanding is normal masculine behaviour makes it easier to give him the space that he needs rather than over functioning and pushing him further away.

I used to feel needy and insecure when this happened with my husband without realising that it was healthy, manly behaviour.

I would give him extra love and attention hoping for reassurance that he still loved me which only made him withdraw even more and left me feeling scared, angry and unappreciated.

These days I often smile to myself as I lean back, soften my shoulders, open my heart, drop my energy into my belly and watch my husband move closer!

And it feels so much better.

It makes me feel soft, fluent, powerful and feminine and can be done sitting down also.

It’s like a magic formula to soften your vibe and bring your man closer.

The good news is it’s so simple, and you can do it anywhere including when you’re talking on the phone.

Here’s the formula:

– lean back, one leg slightly in front of the other.

– soften your shoulders and breathe into your belly.

– place your hand on your lower belly and let it soften.

– open your heart.

Leaning back is one of my favourite tools because it changes your vibe in an instant.

Try it and let me know how it feels.