Lean Back for More Golf Swing Power

Well, it’s not lean way back, it’s more like stay back except for your hips if you want to boost your golf swing power. Here’s why, if you live in the body mechanics world of golf like I do, you’ll learn that when Tiger and John Daly hit the ball, they keep their center of gravity behind it while they drive their hips through the shot so that every bit of power they generate is released into the golf ball. This wonderfully simple golf swing power booster can be achieved by following a few simple steps ending with why you should actually lean back even though it will feel odd to begin with.

Step #1: Become aware of the fact that you’re not trying to get your bodyweight onto your front leg. Your front leg in your stance acts as a block leg and your back leg acts as a drive leg. Your drive leg powers into your block leg but it doesn’t power through your block leg because this would cause you to collapse. Though we all know this, most golfers aren’t aware of the fact that they’re not using this concept when they actually swing the club.

The pros always slam into their front leg but they never end up with their weight on it. Think of it this way, if they uncurled from their finish position, where would they end up? They’d go right back to their starting point because they’ve stayed within their body so to speak and have maintained their position, versus changing it. They power their hips through the shot but they keep their body’s center of gravity behind the ball by leaning back slightly to counter things and stay in balance. In reality, they’re not actually leaning back but thinking about doing so gets the desired effect. Though this may all sound tricky, all you’ve got to remember is to try and lean back just a touch during your golf swing. That’ll get things started. Here’s what to do next…

Step#2: Follow through. Being conscious of making a full follow through will definitely get you more golf swing power. It’ll do so because it will stop you from wanting to move after you hit the ball. It also balances out your golf swing. Believe it or not, using a full follow through and focusing on extension during it will actually cause you to lean back a bit which is a definite bonus when it comes to boosting your golf swing power and achieving what we’re talking about in this article.

Step#3: Think of being in a tug of war. As you swing, all of that force is going forward into that ball and out along the swing path and if you’re not ready to support it, your body will stop you from fully unleashing on the ball. If you approach impact without the idea of being ready to allow your club to continue its path through the ball, your body will hold you back. It’s literally neurologically programmed to do so. So, when you go to hit the ball, be ready to hang on to that club with a slight counter balance lean when it tugs on you through impact and the follow through half of your swing so that your body will really let you power through shots for optimum distance.

Start leaning back a bit even though it feels a touch awkward at first because it takes a little while to get used to. It will take about 3-4 weeks of working with a little lean (about 1-2 inches in your mind) to really instill this trick into your golf swing. Believe it or not, your lean back will be counterbalanced by your hips moving forward and up into the ball anyway so visually, everything will be perfect as long as you stick with trying to achieve the sensation of having a tiny back lean during your swing-not your backswing.

The slight lean is one of the most important aspects of a good golf swing but, it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to really boosting your golf swing power. Visit my site: Better Golf Secrets for more golf swing power tips just like the golf swing lean today and keep on swinging!