Lean Muscle Exercise – 3 Exercises to Get That Tight, Ripped Chest

A big, firm chest has typically been seen as a sign of power and responsibility in men. It increases prominence and turns heads in a room. You might be skinny and have flat pectorals but if you take some time to do these exercises, you will find that they will grow. All you need are a couple of dumbbells and a barbell.

1. Push up

The humble push is a lean muscle exercise you may not have suspected will help you build lean muscle, but it’s a fantastic way to condition a weak chest that hasn’t had much exercise done to it in the past. You may think that push up is mainly focused on your arms. It is, but you can’t lift your own bodyweight if you have a weak core. Push ups will strengthen your core (chest) and your arms.

There are a couple ways to do it. Men have to do it the traditional way: back perfectly straight, toes pointing towards the ground and arms bending to 90 degrees when you go down. Women should do everything the same, except they should cross their legs at their knees instead.

2. Dumbbell Flys

This is a simple exercise that can help men “wake up” muscle fibers in their chest, giving the sense of a more defined pectoral region without having your pectorals increasing much in size at all. The key is in the fly when you go backwards. Lie down on the floor, with a dumbbell in each hand. Make sure you can lift them comfortably, but make sure they’re not too light.

Simply lift your arms, and make the dumbbells meet in the middle, above your chest. Lower it back towards to ground slowly. To expose more of your pectoral muscle under your arms, do this exercise while lying down a bench instead. It’s vital that the weights are not too heavy, otherwise you will find you might strain your pectoral muscles.

3. Barbell lifts

Again, this exercise is commonly attributed to strengthening your arms, but if done properly, will give your body balance by strengthening your core. Barbell lifts are often done incorrectly by men who bend forwards while doing this lean muscle exercise. This may be cause they’re just lazy and don’t want to stand straight, or it could be because of a weak core (chest) that forces them to bend forward to be able to lift the weight.

Start off doing this exercise with more manageable weights if you find you bend forward while doing it. Hold the barbell at shoulder width in front of you and keep your back straight. Stick your chest out and, without heaving, lift the dumbbell. Stabilize your upper arms, since this is the part that you’re mainly focusing on. Your pectoral muscles will strengthen as a result to better balance out your posture when you’re doing this exercise.

By doing the push up, barbell lift and dumbbell fly you can get lean muscle in your chest. These lean muscle exercises will strengthen and wake up a dormant chest. You’ll be filling out bigger shirts soon and it’s a good way to start off learning how to lift weights as well.