Lean Muscle Mass Bodybuilding Routine For You To Follow

After a few years of fruitless weight training and diet I suddenly discovered the secret to building a powerful and muscular body without a lot of gain gain or taking steroids.

You see, once you reach your genetic limit in muscular bodyweight that's it – no more, and that's NOT a bad thing. For me personally a bodyweight of 185 pounds in lean condition was and is my limit. I am about 5 '10 1/2 "tall. Sure, I once took my bodyweight past 200 pounds but why? I thought it would make me bigger for a contest. Most people never even reach their genetic limit of muscular size and weight.

The reason other guys in the gym would gain 20 to 40 pounds was the use of anabolic steroids. Guess what, I still defeated many of come contest time. Why, because they were preoccupied with size and weight when they should have been thinking about muscularity and balance. The ancient Greeks knew this. A balanced and muscular physique is much more appealing to the eye than a bloated and out-of-proportion physique. Beside that most of the steroid users burn out and eventually quit training all together. They never understand the science behind building muscle and health, proper weight training and diet.

Want visual proof? Just look at the retired bodybuilding and power-lifting champions of today. Most look like they never lived a weight in their live, on top of that they have bad joints, tendon's, weak hearts and are very unhealthy.

Bodybuilding Champions from the 40's 50's and early 60's looked like physique champions well into their 60's and 70's and were still training till they passed away, most in their 80's or 90's. Can not say that about today's so called champions.

So …

Is it possible to build muscular size, muscular strength AND muscular balance all at the same time so you can look and feel like a Champion Bodybuilder ??? YES !!!

Here's how!

You have to combine a program of powerlifting training with good bodybuilding movements that have been selected to compliment the lifts, and sculpt the developing muscle mass at the same time.

You should expect to have a bit tired and worn out form the following program if you're giving it all you've got. If you're serious about building a lean, balanced and muscular physique then you'll need to get serious about your diet, sleep and keeping a positive mental attitude.

Get Started With This 6-Week Program


Light stiff-leg deadlifts – 3 sets X 12 reps

Squat – 1 X 8, 1 X7, 1 X 6, 2 X 5 (Increase weight with each set)

Lying Laterals – 2 X 8, 2 X 6 (Increase weight for last two sets)

Light-medium bent-arm pullovers – 3 X 10 reps

Bench press – 1 X 10, 1 X 8, 1 X 5, 3 X 3-4 (weight increase after each set)

Situps – 3 sets of 50 reps

Note to you – You MUST work to using HEAVY weights in the squat and bench press or you're just wasting time and energy.


Regular-grip chins (no weight) – 3 X as many as you can do

Single arm rowing with heavy dumbbell – 3 X 10 each side

Prone hyper-extensions – 20 X 20 (no weight)

Deadlifts – 2 X 6, 2 X 4, 3 X 3-4, 1 X 1-2 (weight increase after each set)

Barbell curls – heavy – 4 X 6-8 (try and reach a new maximum weight for the last set without your energy is low that day)

Leg raises – 3 sets of 20 no weight


SAME AS MONDAY WORKOUT, but add: barbell curls (same as Wednesday schedule)

I can hear you asking the questions right now !! "Dan, what about calf, triceps, and all the other exercises you did not put in the routine?"

To build the ideal, most muscular body you need to adapt, change and grow.

The body adapts to everything, that's why people who do heavy manual labor only get so big, then stop growing. The workout I just brave you will keep you growing for 4 to 6 weeks. Then it's time to advance to a more customized Muscle Building Course.