Lean Six Sigma Applications in Healthcare

Lean Six Sigma provides a lot of insight and benefits to the healthcare industry, one of many industries that doesn’t have the extended time to embark on extensive Six Sigma Projects. Because of these time constraints, healthcare has found itself a great combination in using the principles of speed and waste elimination that drive Lean processes with the traditional Six Sigma training. The combination of these two elements can improve many areas of patient care and overall practices so that healthcare services can operate at their best.

Keeping customers happy within a business or organization is one thing, but keeping patients in a state of wellbeing and a safe environment is essential to the healthcare field. Without Lean Six Sigma, many solutions might still be out there waiting to be found and employed by healthcare facilities around the world that have turned to Lean Six Sigma to help their business. The goal of Lean Six Sigma is to eliminate wastes and speed up processes so that a company can quickly have better performance in one area or another.

There are many tools that you learn of in Lean Six Sigma Training that can easily add benefits to the healthcare setting. Value Stream Mapping, the 5 S’s, Visual Process Management, and Setup Time/Changeover Reduction are all popular tools to use in the healthcare industry when it comes to setting up Lean Six Sigma projects. There are myriad of hospitals and medical facilities that you can find case studies on to see how Lean Six Sigma affected their organization, and thereby how it can affect yours when properly employed. The important thing to note with healthcare and Six Sigma is that traditional processes can be too time consuming or involved for such a fast-paced field where customer satisfaction is ultimately patient safety and wellbeing.

When it comes to the healthcare industry, a balanced strategy that involves Lean, Six Sigma, and other useful tools for change and improvement can provide the best results for any organization in need of process improvements and quality control assessments. It might not be fun to point out the flaws of your own organization, but it is now that the pride needs to be set aside in the sake of improving the organization. Focus on doing what is best for the company and for the people involved. Do not live in denial that your healthcare organization cannot benefit from Lean Six Sigma Training, because in doing so you can often create much bigger problems than you might have had to begin with.