Lean Six Sigma in Service Organizations

Service organizations are one group that needs to focus on eliminating waste and keeping things working well on every level at all times. Having glitches or complications with processes will only serve to slow down an organization and keep them from reaching their full potential. Fortunately, for these companies, eliminating waste is a fairly simple process that involves getting things right the first time, and getting rid of processes that don’t achieve this. By measuring performance levels, you can quickly begin on the path to eliminating anything that doesn’t give you success the first time.

As a service organization, there is no room for error on any level. When it comes to providing services directly to the public, they want them to be correct all the time, every time. After all, they should not have to pay for a service that isn’t done properly. Once the data has been collected, the problem processes can be identified and then eliminated or corrected so that the error rate is non-existent or as close as it can get to that point. No one is perfect, and no business is going to have perfect results every time. However, by employing the tools of Lean Six Sigma to reduce wastes within the organization, you can certainly get a lot closer to it than you might have thought possible.

Lean Six Sigma focuses on getting things eliminated and resolving quality problems quickly with the help of eight areas of waste. Those areas include human talent, defects, overproduction, processing, wasted time, inventory, motion, and transportation. Eliminating as many unnecessary processes or events as possible in this process is going to be essential to a successful end result for any service organization. When the goal of Lean Six Sigma Projects becomes to get things right the first time, any service organization will likely be reducing these wastes without even realizing it at some points throughout the process.

Service organizations cannot afford the time or money involved in not having things running at top capacity at all times. Traditional Six Sigma tools used in conjunction with the speed and waste reduction of Lean Six Sigma can offer an excellent solution for any service business that needs some quick and efficient improvement. As long as the tools are used correctly, they can provide the answer service organizations have been seeking for many years. All in all, Lean Six Sigma is definitely a good choice for improvement for many different areas.