Lean to Carports Or Single Slope Carports

Lean to carports which is also called single slope carports are generally used when the carport needs to use an economy of space.  The other type that can be used is a flat roof carports. When choosing a carport that is attached to your house you might want to consider a single slope carport  If the only practical location for your carport is adjacent to your house or another existing structure such as a storage building then you might find yourself limited in the type of carport you are able to build.

Multi slope carports don’t work for many reasons. A major reason is the appearance of these structures in relation to the house or existing structure. The delineation between house and carport should not be clearly marked or it will look like the carport is not an integral part of your house. You want your home and carport to look as though they blend together as one.  Another reason is related to functionality of the roof line. If you live in an area that has a great deal of annual snow fall you will want to make sure that the ice will not gather between your house and the carport. In the spring thaw, the runoff melted snow will need a clear and direct path to escape to the ground. You do not want the water from the melted ice to puddle against your home. Exposing your masonry work to standing water is a sure way to prematurely age and damage your brick work.

Lean to carports tend to look more natural and blended into your home than a flat roof. Matching the pitch of the roofs is very important. If the roof lines march then the two roofs look like they are meant to be together. This element of the carport design is particularly important for older homes.  With respect to heritage homes the chose of carport is critical and those areas will have strict zoning by-laws that restrict any addition.  Most additions in those areas will need to fit with the original look of the house

Flat roof carports have one undeniable benefit over the other types of carport roofs. These structures can be used as a base for a second story. An experienced contractor could probably do the job in one day.  Using the roof as a deck or even the base for a second story addition is made easier if there is a pre-existing window over looking the carport location. Changing this window into a doorway is a easy proposition both work-wise and financially.  These structures are also not limited to small spaces and be stand alone structures.

Consider location of your new carport in relation to the purpose. Building in a small space might limit your choices.  Once the carport is constructed you will have to look at it for a long time.  Make a careful choice.   A lean to carport or a single slope carport might suit your needs best.

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