Learn 5 Deadly Street Fighting Techniques to Drop an Attacker in Under 10 Seconds!

Traditional martial arts methods might be leaving you feeling annoyed, agitated and bored. This situation is exacerbated by the fact that plenty of black belt martial arts masters would never win in a real world fight on the streets.

Unfortunately many martial arts instructors call themselves masters, but you can only learn street fighting from someone who has done it. It’s this type of fighter who has demonstrated and developed the necessary skills to help you survive a fight in the street. You will be taught how to employ every technique and tip listed in this article. Read on for a list of the techniques which you’ll never learn by simply studying classic martial arts methods.

Deadly street fighting techniques #1: If you have the chance, don’t hesitate to bite your attackers face. If they use their hands or arms to grab close to your face, use your teeth. Every part of the attacker’s body is vulnerable to biting. The attacker’s muscles can be very effective targets, as you can sink your teeth deep into them and cause serious loss of blood. Now the following idea is very important to remember.

Deadly street fighting techniques #2: If you kick your opponent, focus on the lower portions of the body, such as the knees. One hard kick at your attacker’s kneecap can shatter the bone. If you are fighting a larger attacker, aim your kicks at his groin. If your attacker traps you in a tight hug, kick at their chins and stomp down on their feet. There are many ways to injure the lower sections of your opponent’s body and create significant pain. These are the areas to deliver your kicks towards.

Deadly street fighting techniques #3: Rehearse these methods with a partner, and improvise scenarios. Work in a spacious area, and find someone who is willing to attack you as if they were an attacker on the street. By being spontaneous, you can practice your responses to an unprovoked attack more realistically.

Deadly street fighting techniques #4: Gouging at someone’s eyes can be even more effective than delivering a punch during a street fight. When your attacker comes close, your best target is their eyes. You should do anything you can to cause pain to your attacker. Aiming for the eyes will create serious pain and temporarily blind them as well, which is a great advantage to have.

Deadly street fighting techniques #5: Be conscious of weapons being introduced to a fight. I was recently attacked by someone holding a hammer. Someone nearby yelled out that this opponent had a hammer in his hand. I didn’t realize this because of the shear chaos during the fight. I used this tip to make sure he never got a second chance to attack me with his hammer. I quickly won the fight and got out of the situation.