Learn About Hardie Board Siding As Well As the HardieZone

The purpose of siding is to protect your home from the elements that it is exposed to. You want to make sure that the siding you install on your home can withstand the elements of your area. Each area that there is all over the world has a different type of weather. You can purchase the Hardie Board Siding which has been verified in the HardieZone. This is created by the James Hardie Company, who is a leading manufacturer of siding in the industry. They also create the Hardie Cement Siding as well.

If you want to understand what the HardieZone is, you can visit the website of James Hardie. It is based on researching the different weather degrees that are within each area and creating the siding that will best deal with that weather. It would probably not be a good idea to put siding that is capable of withstanding regular weather into a zone where there is a lot of snow or rain. This siding may not last very long. The Hardie Board Siding that you purchase is created specially for the weather zone that it is going to be installed at.

There are ten different weather zones that James Hardie works by when it comes to the Hardie Board Siding. There are also eight variables within these climates that the siding is tested for. These eight variables are what the topographical factors are, if there are hurricanes present, if there is hail present, what the amount of snow is possible, what the amount of rainfall is possible, what the humidity is, what the UV range is, and what the normal temperature usually is. All of these factors will make a difference when it comes to deciding on how durable to make the siding.

The Hardie Board Siding that you purchase will be tested through all of these variables and will be created per the climate that you live in. This siding also employs the use of a non-combustible material in order to help prevent the spread of fire. No house can be fire protected 100 percent but using the material that this siding does, at least helps it from spreading if for chance, there is a fire. No matter what climate zone you live in, this siding is hurricane resistant so that it will be able to withstand that one thunderstorm that only happens every so often.