Learn About Ventless Gel Fireplaces

A gel ventless fireplace is an excellent way to improve the décor of all rooms in your home; you can even hang ventless gel fireplaces from the wall. This type of fireplace uses a specific gel-like fuel; similar to the fuel cans used at banquets to keep food warm. This fuel can actually mimic the sounds and smells of a natural wood combustion fireplace. If you are considering going the ventless fireplace route then the gel fueled units might be an excellent option.

Unlike gas fueled vent-free fireplaces installation of the gel units can be done by virtually anyone. The main fuel source is a gel substance that can burn anywhere from 3 to 10 hours depending on the size and composition. Many of the newer fuels by RealFlame can actually produce the crackling noise of a real wood burning fireplace; and even produce the smell of pine, oak or other wood burning smells. The downside to ventless gel fireplaces is the fact they are more of a decorating then a heating source. The BTUs produced are much lower than a traditional fireplace.

A gel fireplace can be installed almost anywhere, including on your wall! Some of the newest units on the market today are no bigger than a standard portrait picture and weight less than 10lbs. However, you can get traditional fireplace models that mimic the look of a standard fireplace; the choice is solely to what you look you are actually going for. A ventless gel fireplace will enhance the décor of any room in your household, even the bathroom!

Ventless gel fireplaces also come in almost any style or design you could imagine; from wood, to chrome to stone. Some manufactures even produce custom ventless gel fireplaces based on the need of the customer; meaning you can get an exact replica of your current décor outline. If you want the look and feel of a fireplace in your cottage without the cost and installation a ventless gel fireplace is the way to go! If you're ready to learn more continue reading below.