Learn Basic Pole Dancing Moves: The Basic Invert and The Half Flag

The Basic Invert is probably the scariest move that you will learn while you go through pole dancing moves. The truth is that it can be really scary the first time that you try it. This is an intermediate level move and you will have to learn it eventually.

You have to understand that The Basic Invert move is not actually difficult. If you want to start learning it you are probably really comfortable when holding the weight of your body on the pole with the help of your legs and you already learned the Icon Pose. When doing the Basic Invert you would use basically the same gripping method so it is not that difficult when compared with the Icon Pose.

If you want to perform the Basic Invert you will start with placing the dominant hand high on the dancing pole. The other one would be placed just below it. The pole needs to be situated on your dominant side.

The next step is to step forward with the inside leg. Kick up the opposite leg and then hook the ankle around the dancing pole, just above your head. Bring up the other leg and cross the ankle that was positioned earlier. The hips need to be pushed up and then the legs have to be straightened as much as possible while extending the head backwards.

Remember that you need to only try the move when you are confident and nobody asks that you do it right the first time. Try to hang on the pole first and then focus on straightening your body as much as possible. As time passes you will become more confident. In the event that you cannot hang on you need to understand that you have to keep practicing other moves until you will be ready to do the Basic Invert.

The Half Flag

The Half Flag is a highly impressive pole dancing move that is done by advanced practitioners. We recommend that you only try it out when you have mastered other moves that are easier. The Half Flag will offer the ones watching a very interesting display of grace that is combined with strength and control.

We are sure that you saw advanced pole dancers that were holding a Half Flag Position in the past. We highly recommend that if you want to learn it you need to start at the pole’s bottom. As you feel confident you can start moving up in order to learn how to use the pose to wow your audience. It is also much easier to get into this pose at the bottom.

The first step in performing the Half Flag is staying next to the pall. Your inside arm needs to be around it and you grip it with the armpit while locking the arm to the pole. Then the other arm needs to point down the pole. The wrist would face up and the elbow will be bent and resting on the stomach.

Next you have to lean forward and then engage core muscles in order to lift the legs from the floor. The hips have to tilt away from it so that the body will become horizontal. As time passes and your confidence increases you can lift the legs higher while twisting the hips. This will make you flat to the pole and when you keep the feet together you will do a perfect pole dancing Half Flag pose.

Once again we need to mention the fact that this is an advanced move. You need high strength and good balance in order to perform it right. Never do it if you do not feel confident about your pole dancing skills.