Learn Digital Photography – Take Up the 365 Photo Challenge

I like to think of myself as an avid photographer but there are times when the creativity wanes and the inspiration dries up. The trigger finger stiffens from lack of use and generally I start to suffer from photographer's malaise. This is when auto-pilot needs to kick in and get me up and running again. How do I switch on the auto pilot? With the 365 Photo Challenge. A photo a day for a whole year.

A photo a day keeps the staleness away. Staleness and boredom with a hobby like photography is a killer and before you know it you're advertising your gear on eBay. I have found a simple way to keep the pot boiling on the stove. All my students know this one. It is simple and it's most certainly not time consuming.

There are two ways to approach this.

  1. The simple photo a day challenge. By this I mean that you allocate yourself a few minutes a day to shoot one image that you like or even dislike for that matter. Just shoot an image at some point during your day. Carrying your camera with you every day would help. Whatever you do make sure that you take one photo every day. Even if it is the clock on the wall before you go to bed. Of course it would help if you make your subjects different each day.
  2. The best photo of the day challenge. This is a variation of the challenge and gives you more leeway meaning that you shoot as many images as you want but that at the end of the day you will select the best one, the one with most meaning or just a random choice if they are all good.

In order to make this interesting you can add a touch of variety to it by choosing a theme or using a common thread. I know of a photographer who took a small beach ball with him where he went and this ball featured somewhere in every photograph. Choose something and add it as a common thread to all 365 days.

With the advent of Facebook, blogs and Flickr you can really make this interesting and even generate regular interest in your images. Change your Facebook profile every day replacing it with your daily 365 Challenge shot. People will eagerly login every day to see what photo you have loaded. Not only will this make you more enthusiastic but will generate an interest in your images. The same goes for your blog. Upload a daily image and makes some comments on it. This way you can keep a record of the how, when, why and who of each image. This could actually turn into a form of photo journal documenting your life over 365 days.

This could be the beginnings of a really fun experience and the bottom line is that you will keep your creativity, inspiration and enthusiasm alive and at the same time learning and entertaining others. If you can find a way to make your photography fun and inspiring it will never die and you will continuously shoot photos throughout the year.

One more tip before we go. It is great to sit down and write down ideas and thoughts about what you will do, what themes to shoot and how you will display the images, BUT, unless you get out there and 'just do it' you will get now. If you will run with the idea I can guarantee you that in 365 days time you will not believe the improvement and progress you've made as you learn digital photography. What the 365 photos show you is just how you have improved and they become your timeline of growth in creativity and skill.