Learn Drywall Texture Techniques the Fast and Easy Way

When decorating a home, there are many things that can be done to create a unique living space. As far as the walls are concerned, those that are drywalled can easily be turned into a masterpiece through a number of simple methods. Through the use of painting techniques or drywall texturing, the walls within any home can be transformed into something that will look wonderful for many years to come. By learning the different methods for drywall texturing made easy, anyone can beautify the walls within their home.

While a large number of paint colors can be chosen to decorate a wall, there are also a large number of texturing styles that can be used as well. For the walls that have blemishes, such as taping that shows or floating that was done incorrectly, different texture techniques can easily hide the flaws. There are just a few tools and materials that are needed for the wide variety of texturing styles that can be done, which include sheetrock mud, drywall tools, paint rollers, and drop cloths.

Taking a look at drywall texturing made easy will reveal that there are large number of different styles that anyone can do in their own home. Some of the more common methods are roller sheetrock texturing, slap brush texturing, Spanish drag wall texture, Venetian plaster texturing, orange-peel texturing, and popcorn texturing. The roller texture can be easily achieved by using a paint roller to roll the mud on the wall. The slap brush texture is done in the same manner, but the mud is stippled or swirled after it is applied by using a stipple brush. The Spanish drag wall texture is easily done by spraying on the texturing and then using a large trowel to drag the texture around the wall. To apply the Venetian plaster look, the mud is applied using a trowel and then glazed to give a marbled appearance. There are a number of different resources found online that will give step by step instructions for creating these different drywall textures.

With many different remodeling projects in the home, there is often a high cost of completion. However, drywall texturing can be as inexpensive as applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls. If you choose to do the texturing yourself, it can be a quick process that is very effective at giving a new look to a room for a very low cost. When you learn the process of drywall texturing made easy, you can provide a new look to the interior your home in a few easy steps.