Learn How To Build Muscle Effectively

Let us begin by assuring you it is not as hard as if sounds.

Too many people are hasty in the gym and, in a bid for quick results, they overlook the most important factors in favor of spending their hard earned cash on unnecessary aids which do not do anything for them in terms of results.

You're about to discover the five rules which almost every guy at your local gym would kill to know about, so use them wisely.

* You need a muscle building diet.

* Get the basics of supplements down before you get lost.

* Focus your reps around your hypertrophy zone.

* Rest days need to take priority.

* Sleep is just as important as rest.

The 5 simple rules above reveal the proven facts on how to take your present physique and develop it into a leaner, stronger version. There are further tips to add in at a later date, which we will show you in the future, but for now the original five are the best to get started with as they set the tone for a quality lifestyle change.

Before we wrap up today's write-up, let's take a quick look at some of the principles to ensure you have no gray areas …

You'll probably be shocked to realize how easy it is to work out your diet. It is often over complicated needlessly. Simply take your chosen body weight target, in pounds, and multiply the figure by 15. This will give you a target muscle building calorie goal to aim for every day. That was simple, was not it? Let's move on.

You can spend a fortune in the supplement market each month if you're not careful. Every product claims to be necessary. The key word to remember is supplement. It should never replace nutrition from your diet, so keep your tubs to an absolute minimum to avoid confusion and unnecessary spending. Whey protein and creatine monohydrate are a solid combination which have stood the test of time, making them the perfect starting blocks.

The third rule is an important one, because too many guys in the gym say things like, "I want to lose fat but I want to build muscle, too" and it leads them to having no structure in your workouts. To lose fat you should operate at a deficit, but to build size you should operate at a calorie surplus, so it's decision time guys. If you want to go for size and have built your diet for that goal you need to now structure your rep range specifically for building size, not just toning up. This means an 8-12 rep range, with a focus on big compound exercises.

Of course, when training each individual body part there are numerous techniques you can also bring in to push results even higher. For example, when learning how to build larger arms you can utilize negative reps.

In the next article we will cover some more of the principles explaining how to build muscle so you can begin getting great, long lasting results from your tough efforts in the gym.