Learn How To Decant Wine Correctly

If you've bought a bargain bottle of wine, you may not be so worried about the correct way to store it, or the correct way in which to pour it, but for those who have invested a little more time and money into their wines , this is more of an issue.

Decanting a wine can make a massive difference to how it will taste. Hopefully, you would have stored you're wine on its side from the moment you bought it home. Two hours prior to opening the wine, you'll need to stand it upright, then you'll need to cut the foil from just underneath the rim of the bottle. This is so as to make things as neat as possible when we begin pouring out the wine from the bottle.

The next thing you'll need to do is to remove the cork. Grab either a candle or a torch, something that will give you enough adequate light so as to look into the bottle, a candle being the traditional method. Place the candle or torch so that the light from them is shining upwards, you'll then need to hold the bottle and a decanter or jug ​​over the light source. Look down at the torch or candle through the neck of the wine bottle, and you should see a lovely clear wine.

The next steps is to then pour this wine very slowly into the vessel, keeping a close eye on the wine as it's famous, stopping pouring if you see any sediment near the neck of the bottle. You do not want any sediment to go into the vessel. Once you've about an inch of wine left in the bottle, this can be discarded, as this will mostly be made up of sediment. Once you've discarded this from the bottle, rinse the bottle thoroughly and place the wine back inside it.

When you're ready to pour the wine into a glass, try to only fill it to one third, and as you pull the decanter away from the glass, give ta twist of 180 degrees which should guarantee no dripping occurs.