Learn the Features and Benefits of Presto Lifts Products

In the world of business there are all types of tasks that need to be done that cannot be handled by human hand. In warehouses and industrial yards across the country the need for mechanical lifters is great. I have owned and operated powered mechanical lifters for years. We have commonly called these devices fork lifts. When we needed to lift large pallets of lumber, weighing in excess of 2500 lbs, we would utilize the strength of the fork lifts. One of the companies that have manufactured these kind of machines for a number of years is Presto Lifts.

There are several different kinds of lifts that Presto Lifts can provide to businesses. These can be used to help with getting many lifting tasks handled. There are several different points that need to be made, when finding a good way to get something handled for a business.

When you are discussing Presto Lifts forklifts, weight is an important factor to consider. These include more than just the amount of weight that a lift can handle. A number of forklifts will have large load capacities that can handle at least a thousand pounds of weight depending on the model. However, the actual shipping weight of the forklift should also be factored into a purchase.

The shipping weight of any lift can be more than the actual load capacity of the lift. A typical product will have a weight that is at least three hundred pounds greater than whatever its load capacity can be. This is predominantly due to the weight of the engine and the steel construction used to build such a strong and powerful machine.

Presto Lifts equipment can lift products to a multiple of different heights. The tables and other platforms may only lift to 36″ to 60″, but a fork lift can lift a load to 10 feet or more. Some of the platforms can be as close to the floor as 2″ to 3″. This allows the worker to load the supplies onto the platform with a hand truck, saving the lifting that might be required with a taller platform.

The tables and platforms that Presto Lifts makes can be used in all types of applications. They may be used for packaging of products already built or used as platforms to actually build the products. If you go into any modern assembly plant such as a motorcycle factory, you will see workers using hydraulically operated tables to hold and move their work without the lifting. At one location you may have people building engines and then rolling the whole engine assembly into the room where they are putting the motorcycle together with the frame. Presto lifts is a builder of these types manufacturing aids.