Learn to Hypnotize With Embedded Commands

One of the most powerful uses of hypnosis and hypnotic trances is the embedded command. These commands are also known as subliminal messages or hypnotic suggestions. And once you learn to hypnotize you can easily use this powerful technique.

They are commands that are hidden in some way so that the person's conscious does not focus on the message, while their unconscious takes in the message with no biases.

Your conscious mind acts as the "filter" it analyzes information and determines a response to it. Your unconscious mind handles the more mundane tasks such as breathing, standing memories, and managing activities which do not require full concentration, such as driving. After you learn to hypnotize you'll easily target your messages at the unconscious.

By distracting the conscious mind you are leaving open a door to the unconscious which will allow your message to go directly into their mind without them first thinking about it.

There are many methods to plant a subliminal message and will depend on the method you are using once you learn to hypnotize a person. To give a subliminal message to someone in public, or without first placing them under hypnosis, then you will need to create a momentary trance.

This can do by confining their mind so that their conscious becomes distracted and thus placing the subject into a fleeting trance. People who learn to hypnotize can do this with ease.

One famous method employed by many politicians is the "Handshake Induction" which involves disabling the normal pattern of a familiar task, such as a handshake, and then placing your message while they are distracted.

Other methods include altering the tone of your voice, tilting your head, looking them in the eye, or touching them. Any minor action which will be unexpected but not offensive will do. When you learn to hypnotize you'll realize the window for your suggestion is short however, so the suggestion must be simple and to the point.

You will know if your suggestion has worked if the person makes a comment such as, "What did you say? I was not paying attention." This is because, while their unconscious mind absorbed the message, their conscious mind was distracted and wants to know what it missed. Again, once you learn to hypnotize you'll be able to do this with ease

However, if your subject says nothing this does not mean that your subliminal message did not work. Imagine your embarrassment at asking a stranger or person you barely know to repeat themselves when they were just a few feet from you.

After you learn to hypnotize, it is entirely possible that your subject will be left scratching their head about what you said but too afraid to ask.

Lastly, it should be noted that messages can be embedded into forms easily as well. Product placement in movies and on TV is a classic example of this. This is a form of subliminal advertising. When you learn to hypnotize you will naturally notice this.

While it is often used in marketing to have your favorite characters promote a product or service, it is also a means to reach your unconscious while your conscious mind is wrapped up enjoying the show.

Many people will not even notice the presence of a product in a movie without special attention is drawn to it; although their similarity of buying this product is still increased by them having seen the product in the movie.

Similar images can be used in art or video if you are really skilled with such mediums. After you learn to hypnotize you can begin to get really good with this.