Learn to Play Duplicate Bridge

There are many ways to play bridge, and one way is duplicate bridge. It's quite fun actually, and people have been playing this for almost 100 years now. Oh, you do not know what it is do you? Well, maybe you should learn. There are duplicate bridge tournaments, and they are not run the same as regular bridge tournaments, but I would submit to you they are more enjoyable. The scoring is slightly different and there are bonus points for non-vulnerable games and for vulnerable games. Let's take this article to a higher level of we might.

You see, if you'd like to learn more about duplicate bridge, there's a very good book I believe you should read. This is a book that I do own, and have read through, and feel as if I am ready for my first tournament of this type. The name of the book is;

"Duplicate Bridge" by Alfred Sheinwold, Dover Publication, New York, NY, 1971, originally published in 1954, 158 pages, Library of Congress Number: 75-156814, Reprints ISBN: 0-486-22741-3.

In this book you will learn about seating assignments, shuffling the deck, bidding, and how to play the cards. You'll also learn strategies and about traveling score slips, entering the score and moving to the next round. Match points are countered differently and just totaling the points is not enough when figuring out the private scorecard to get to your total score. Chapter 2 of this book is excellent talking about the general principles of tournament play.

In duplicate bridge safety is not enough, and it pays to play for the advantage. But do not forget there are ethics and etiquette involved in play of this type. In this book you will learn who your true opponents are and all about fail numbers and hair-trigger doubles. Do Bill Gates and Warren Buffett play this style? Perhaps not, or sometimes they do, I am certain but it is quite competitive. There are standard principles of bidding, offending bidding in duplicate, and competitive bidding during the same. You may not know this but there are special bidding conventions also. In this book it gets all into that as well.

If you are bridge player you need to learn how to play bridge different ways, that's what makes it so intriguing, and one of the best card games sports there is. Some people think that bridge is only for old people, trust me when I tell you that is not true. After you read this book you'll see why. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.