Learn to Scuba Diving

There are many different ways to learn to scuba dive. A friend or partner teaches someone in a pool. Others jump off a boat and descend holding hands with an instructor. (The French system). “Batem”.

Some join a scuba diving club or sign up for a scuba diving course at their local dive shop. The best way to get a ‘taste’ for it and having the greatest chance of having a safe enjoyable diving experience is at a holiday resort. Preferably on a tropical island holiday resort. Mauritius Island in the Indian Ocean is surely one such place – Diving Mauritius. The calm clear water, the relaxed atmosphere and your own relaxed state of mind will all contribute to the success of the experience.

Before signing on and paying your money for a full open water certification diving course. Participating in an ‘easy diving lesson’ or ‘resort course’, as it is also known would be the answer. An ‘easy diving course’ or ‘resort course’ usually starts at the pool and consists of a lecture or discussion by a certified instructor explaining about the pressure, the equipment, and everything that will happen on the dive. He will also go through all the basic skills that will be demonstrated and practiced in the pool. “Seeing hearing and doing is the best way to learn.”

After all is well understood the students go into the pool with full scuba gear donned. At a standing depth in the pool the instructor will group the students in a semi-circle so that they can a see well what he is explaining. After some breathing exercises and regulator recovery at the surface the instructor will get all the divers to kneel on the bottom of the pool breathing and getting used to being underwater. The instructor, followed by the students having to complete each of the skills, will demonstrate some basic skills. The students need to complete mask clearing, regulator recovery and some basic buoyancy control skills. These basic skills are required to ensure the safety of the divers, as well as giving them confidents to participate in an open water dive. The instructor them allows the students to swim around at the bottom of the pool getting comfortable with the equipment and used to the feeling of weightlessness and breathing underwater.

Directly after the pool lesson is completed while the student divers are comfortable, confident and relaxed from having had such a great time in the pool they go directly to the sea to complete a safe controlled open water dive. The sea dive is usually from a boat in crystal clear water to shallow sites that are perfect for beginners.

After the student divers have completed and enjoyed their first open water scuba dive. They surface with big smiles on their faces. The instructor will debrief them and explain how they may improve their diving knowledge and skills by doing a full certification open water scuba diver course.

This is by far the best way to learn to scuba dive.

Prodive Limited is a professional scuba diving company at the Casuarinas Hotel at Trou aux Biches, Mauritius. They offer easy scuba diving courses, full certification courses (PADI), diving excursions, private dives and exclusive dive charters.