Learn to Use Excel and Boost Your Career

If you want to learn to use excel, you will want to read the information in this article. Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for creating spreadsheets and basic database files, and learning to use it properly can have many benefits for your career. This article explores the basics of how to learn to use excel as well as the benefits you will enjoy once you do. When you have finished reading the information below, you will understand how Excel can boost your career, and know where to go to get more information quickly.

What Is Microsoft Excel?

Excel is a spreadsheet application, which means it creates documents arranged in a row and column pattern, composed of individual points on the grid known as cells. Each cell can contain a piece of information, whether that be a number, some text, or a formula. Cells work together, and their grid arrangement makes it very easy to put together basic accounting and finance models such as budgets. The row and column format of a spreadsheet is also very useful in creating "flat files" or simple database tables that contain multiple fields across the top and up to 65,000 different pieces of data in the rows.

What Benefits Can I Expect if I Learn to Use Excel?

Excel can be used for a variety of different tasks in the workplace. Obviously if you work in the accounting or finance departments of your company, then you probably already know how you will be using Excel. However, because of the easy interface and advanced sorting and filtering capabilities, you may find that there are a lot of ways to get more productivity out of Excel that do not involve just numerical analysis. As you learn the shortcuts and techniques for using Excel most effectively, your productivity will increase dramatically and your boss will be impressed. Having the skills to use Excel will also open up new career options for you, often giving you new job possibilities and the potential for a higher salary.

How Can I Learn to Use Excel Quickly?

There are several options for learning Excel. The cheapest but most difficult is to teach yourself out of a book. There are many books available for less than $ 100 that offer a comprehensive look at all of the features included in Microsoft Excel, although many people find it hard to learn a hands-on application by just reading about it. Instead, many people opt for the (much more expensive) option of taking a classroom based course. These classes will walk you through using the software and all its features, but will require you to take time off from work and adhere to their schedule. The best way to learn to use Excel is by purchasing a computer based training course on CD. This way, you own the software and can go through the lessons as many times as you like, at your own pace.

As you can see, there are many benefits to learning to use Microsoft Excel. Whether you need advanced training for your career, or just want to expand your options, you will find that learning this powerful business software will set you apart from your coworkers and make you more valuable in the job market.