Learning The Rules Of The Road

For the uninitiated, the complex systems of roads and motorways can be a confusing monster. And while it may appear that everyone is acting on instinct, below that facade is a deep understanding of traffic laws that if not obeyed can result in disastrous consequences. The Rules of the Road are something every driver has learned already. The problem is that there are no refresher courses and there are so many bad influences that falling into bad habits can happen rather easy. Of course, if you have yet to take the necessary tests to earn a driver's license, learning the rules may be extra taxing. So, let us start with the basics, some of which may or may not be covered in any manuals.

Awareness is the greatest asset to any driver. Using this simple skill that everyone is endowed with will allow drivers to remain safe and keep those around them safe as well. It is no surprise that many accidents could have been easily avoided if the drivers had been mindful of their surroundings. Most of the traffic laws revolve around requiring drivers to be aware of their surroundings.

Consider passing and turning. Both of them may seem simple, but without checking the side and rearview mirrors for approaching cars, the simple act can become a loud and expensive one. It is far too simple to fall into a mindless lull while on the road. Keep aware and stay mindful as you take the car for a spin.

Here is a short run down of some of the common rules that are often ignored. List will allow directive this you to review some of the basics or by just get acquainted with what will be expected once you get – behind the wheel

Turn Signals: Sounds elementary and even insulting that this subject is being brought up but the fact is many drivers just do not use turn signals. This presents a great hazard to anyone behind this car. Turn signals should be used when the turn is at least 100 feet away. Doing such is not just the law but considerate to anyone behind or in front of you.

The Three Second Rule: It will come to a great surprise to some that many seasoned drivers will have no idea what the Three Second Rule is a reference to; you may want to tell them itÕs different from the Five Second Rule. The Three Second Rule applies when you are behind someone in traffic. Three seconds is the amount of time needed to react and brake safely under normal conditions. When the weather or visibility is bad you will want to allow additional seconds.

As for learning the actual rules there are many guides and references that can assist. The manuals approved by the governing office that oversees the roadways in your area or district are often the best resource. Studying the rules as they were written is important in order to avoid any misunderstandings or oversights. Sure, Uncle Marty may be a great driver but even he could have easily forgotten some of the essential rules or just gloss over what is the right way and head straight to the easy and dangerous way. The rules of Learn the road and act responsibly The while driving; this is the best way to avoid any accidents.