Learning to Do a Self Hypnosis Instant Induction

If you already know how to get into a trance using self-hypnosis you may want to learn how to do an instant induction. This is a guide on working your way up to instant self-hypnosis inductions. After you have practised these techniques you should be able to get into a trance any time you want – instantly. If you’ve been using self-hypnosis for a while I’m sure you’ll know the benefits of that!

What you want to do is use self-hypnosis as a tool to help you achieve instant inductions. Use any induction you know and get yourself into a trance. Try make the trance as deep as you possibly can. If for example you use the staircase induction, go further down the stairs than you have ever gone before. Now implant a suggestion in your mind. The suggestion is this, “the next time I do self-hypnosis, all I will need to do is count backwards from 10 and I will instantly go this deep into the trance.” Repeat the suggestion a few times until it feels like it’s going to stick, then say it again a different way to let it stick “Each time I hypnotize myself I will go deeper and deeper into the trance and all it will take is counting backwards from 10.” Then instantly wake yourself from the trance, I use a rapid count and just say “1,2,3 awake!” and it wakes me up.

As soon as you awake from that self-hypnosis session give the new technique a try. When you count there is no need to do it slowly, just count backwards at a normal pace. When you reach 0 relax your body, let it go limp and feel yourself entering a deep trance. There is a moment as you hit 0 and relax your body that you can literally feel yourself passing into a trance. Practice the countdown from 10 induction over and over until you really start to get a handle of that feeling. See if you can anchor the feeling to simply relaxing your whole body.

You should be able to master this induction quite quickly. The best way to master it is to reinforce the hypnotic suggestion every time you use self hypnosis. Make sure you really embed the idea that each time you enter a trance you will be deeper and deeper in the trance.

Once you’ve mastered this back from 10 technique it’s time to learn the instant induction. Hypnotize yourself and get into a really deep trance. Use a self-hypnosis technique like the staircase or elevator technique to deepen the trance. Rather than using it to get into a trance just use it to get deeper. Once you are really deep in your hypnotic trance it’s time to create an instant induction suggestion. Say to yourself “the next time I want to hypnotize myself all I have to do is close my eyes and just will myself into a trance”. As you say it think about the feeling that you had each time you reached the end of your countdown from 10. Repeat the suggestion a few times, making sure that each time you say it, it is more powerful. Now use the following suggestion “all I have to do is will myself into a trance and I will be even deeper under hypnosis than I am right now” and again think about that sensation of entering a trance each time you reached the end of your countdown from 10.

When you are done just count yourself awake and give it a go straight away. All you have to do is close your eyes and want to be in a trance and you will instantly go under. It really is that simple.