Leather Pants

Leather pants are very popular with both men and women and are a suitable wear in night clubs. They give a great look and style for both causal and important occasions. Even for everyday wear, leather pants are considered very comfortable. They are light weight and will protect your legs.

Leather pants are available in various designs, finishes, textures, sizes, colors, styles and models. Five pocket jeans style, no pocket leather pants and chaps are the different styles available in both small and big sizes. There are different models of leather pants; they are double or single pleated leather pants, multi pocket leather pants, suede pants, key leather pants, perforated leather pants and contrast stitch pants. There will be an embroidered flap in a pair of original leather pants. Motorcycle leather pants may give the rider more protection while riding a motorcycle. These leather pants come in three models, leather shorts, leather breeches and long leather trousers. Medieval leather pants are of smooth dark brown finish, lined to below the knee with metal buttons and lacing to be worn with boots. The waist can be adjustable with buckled straps and cinching gussets on each side. The Buffalo hide leather pants is another high quality pants for men and women.

Leather pants are made from the leather of animals like lamb, sheep, goat, deer, etc. Most of the leather pants are manufactured from red deer leather. The red deerskins of two are needed for a single pair of leather pants. The leather of the animal is tanned with oil, “train oil” to make the leather soft and comfortable to wear.

The features of leather pants include belt loops, side adjusting laces, fly front with zipper and snap, and pockets front and back. Most of the leather pants are tight at the waist for a better fit and this helps to avoid cold or water from getting inside the pants.

Most manufacturers get their goods from outside of the United States from countries like India, Pakistan or China. Chinese leather is cheap and not very durable and suppliers prefer this as the competition is very high. So, be careful when you buy cheap leather. There are also patch work leather, Italian Stone and Diamond Plate, made from scraps or inferior leather.