Leatherman Multi Tool

A few years ago when I researched upgrading my aged penknife I discovered the Leatherman Multi Tool. What struck me about these handy tools is the functionality and oozing build quality. Having used a penknife since I was a lad and knew all too well how tricky some tools are to open, I’ll always love my Swiss Army knife, however now I carry a Leatherman Multi Tool – here’s why…

Leatherman Tool Group was founded in 1983 by Tim Leatherman. A Leatherman Multi Tool is a pair of pliers with additional tools stowed away in the handles. They are constructed from 100% stainless steel of the finest quality in a single piece construction with moving parts thereby allowing use of one component without losing access to the others. They are the most essential tool to carry when camping, fishing, hunting, to have stowed away in the boot of your car and even to keep handy around the home and workplace. They are perhaps the most important tool for professionals from electricians to farmers.

I only have memories of struggling to open my penknife and the risk of sheering off figure nails as the Leatherman Multi Tool easily opens and tools are effortlessly accessed. The huge advantage to the Leatherman Multi Tool is the butterfly knife design is that the handles house everything from a knife, saw, file, screwdrivers and depending on the model and by virtue of this design they transforms into pliers! The pliers come in a range of different forms including needle nose and blunt nose depending on the model.

What I find reassuring about the Leatherman Multi Tool is the safety benefits of locking blades with the introduction of the original Super Tool in 1995. The Super Tool is now 3rd generation. Furthermore, functionality is increased with one handed opening of the blades without even opening the pliers – no more bleeding knuckles! The Wave was launched back in 1998 and was the first to incorporating externally opening blades.

A comprehensive range available in numerous sizes from the keychain Leatherman Micra at just 51g to the massive full-size Leatherman Surge weighing 335g. Also they have a mid-sized or pocket sized range including the minimalist Freestyle. The tool when collapsed are unobtrusive and fit as well in the pocket as they do in a Pouch or handbag. The fact they are so lightweight and portable is amongst these pocket tools most brilliant features.

Every Leatherman tool Multi has a 25 year manufacturer guarantee.

Without a doubt the Leatherman Multi Tool is a handy little gadget/essential tool to have and an even better gift to share that can be used for innumerable purposes. I often find myself picking up my knife to assemble DIY furniture, tighten loose taps even safely open packages with the cutting hook. Certainly these Leatherman Multi Tools are the convenience tool of choice for professionals and DIYers alike.