Leave Your Home Secure And Travel With Peace Of Mind

Travelling can be a very joyous experience that one remembers for the rest of their life, and nothing could be more of a party pooper than getting home and realizing that your home has been destroyed, robbed or burnt down. Although you can’t do anything much to secure your home against natural disasters, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that you continue to ride the tide of contentment even after you have arrived home.

1. Check all your locks

Replace any locks that look loose and that have lived past their lifetime. Some locks are easy to pick so double check that they are strong and not easy to manipulate.

2. Switch off all electrical gadgets.

If you are planning to travel far for a lengthy period, then you will probably have to switch off all your electrical gadgets. This is to prevent any electrical damage that might occur while there is no one in the house to quickly attend or notice. A good idea would be to empty your refrigerator in time. This will save you some money because you won’t have a bill to pay when you get back.

3. Switch off your gas

If you use gas for anything, it would be in your best interests to check that no pipes are leaking and that it is switched off. Gas is extremely flammable, and it would be a tragedy if your whole house were to burn down because you were negligent.

4. Have your mail delivered somewhere else?

If you receive mail, make sure that your delivery service gets another temporary address to deliver them to. Or better still get your neighbor to pick up your mail for you. This is to make sure that there is no build up of mail outside your door. A thieving eye stacking out places to rob will surely notice that there is a mountain of mail outside a place and earmark it for a quick job.

5. Get an alarm service

For those going on holiday for a long time, it would be good to install an alarm system and engage a security company to scope out the place from time to time to make sure that everything is in order.

6. Get a friend to stay over

This requires you to find a friend who you trust implicitly with your possessions as they will have free unsupervised access to your house while you are away.

7. Rent it out.

Better still you can make a quick buck by finding someone who stays for the duration of your travels. They will act as security and caretaker of your property. This requires advance planning.

8. For natural disasters.

Make sure you are all paid up when it comes to insurance. You can do nothing to stop nature but you can certainly have a plan B for yourself.

Make a checklist and tick it off to ensure that get you on the road and travel without being held back.