LED Light Helps You To Reduce The Illumination Cost

The cost distance between the LED light and fluorescent lamp is less than five times at the present time. Although the cost of LED light's per watt is still ten times of the usual lights, its illumination is less than five times because of its unidirectional lighting source delicate design and the high-efficiency driving circuit. Lumen is the Correspondence point of illuminance, which is concerned most by customers. The cost gap between every watt and illumination means that the LED light will save fifty percent of the electricity than the fluorescent lamp.

Currently, the cold white LED light is economic in non resident illumination fields, because the cost can be saved after ten thousand hours of lighting on, and the service life the LED has already exceeds this level. Considering the influence of the value, some governments offer twenty percent of the subsidy. What is more, the price is reducing continuously. There is some space for the cost reduction, including the improvement of lighting effect, and the return of profit. The price of chip has begun to reduce. The cost of LED illumination will decrease by thirty percent to forty percent. This price will start the family application sooner and later.

The projects of demonstration and application can change people's cognition of LED light. The abnormal competition and experience make the customers not agree the long service life of the products. The LED illumination concerns about many different areas, such as the chip, package, heat conduction material, drive and so on. About twenty percent of the electric consumption is illumination all over the world, while the LED light is able to save half of the power consumption. This is where the potential of the LED light lies on. The package and application are the areas need more attention in the year of 2011. Because the cost of chip only takes fifteen percent, the later chain usually has so many added values. Integrated circuit related Friends The is VND5E025LK .