Legal Executive Recruitment UK

After The Christmas lull, the legal executive recruitment market UK and London in 2008, is starting to pick up in terms of overall activity. Here we will look at some of the areas of high demand, in the legal field at the present time.

Here are the trends we have been seeing as we turn into 2008.

While we are generally involved in Legal executive recruitment London (where we are based) here is more general overview of the state of legal executive recruitment UK, from both a supply and demand perspective.

The legal recruitment market is seeing plenty of activity on both temporary and permanent fronts. There now seems to be an increase across the board in the amount of work available over previous months.

The commercial property area remains busy, and demand for candidates excesses supply. Property litigation is an area of ​​high activity, with the high demand being a product of a new and growing breed of landlords which has been created by the housing boom in the UK.

If we look at the legal recruitment UK from the perspective of high street demand, then we need to look at commercial property and will and probate sectors.

In wills and probate, a large number of companies are looking for candidates which a reflection of the recent housing boom.

Commercial Property is a very busy area at present and we are seeing posts in almost every town countrywide for commercial property solicitors, from NQ upwards. Despite the uncertain outlook for the economy, there has been a move to beef up and increase the size of many companies departments in this area. Commercial property solicitors are not just being registered by the usual established players but smaller players as well, who are entering the fray and betting on this area becoming busier over the coming months.

Looking at legal executive recruitment In the UK, if you are a commercial property solicitor there are plenty of positions to choose from.

Two areas that have been lacklusture for a while are commercial litigation and personal injury.

Both these fields are however now showing signs of life. Personal injury has picked up a generally across the country and we are also seeing a larger number of litigation posts which are on the increase, after a period of sluggish activity in the sector.

Despite some uncertainty about the economic outlook the legal executive recruitment market UK, remains robust at the present time and the strong legal executive recruitment market in London, reflects the buoyancy of the capital's economy generally.