LEGO 7905

LEGO 7905 comes with excellent reviews which include statements like In my opinion, this is one of the best town sets LEGO has created in a very long time, probably since the early 90’s from Gary D Sabol and I am a big LEGO fan and I think this is one of their better sets. from R Ferguson.

It comes with a huge 721 LEGO pieces so will certainly keep them occupied for a while. I am expanding our own LEGO City range – I think I am as addicted as my boys. The attention to detail is just amazing.

LEGO City started out as a different name, in the beginning it was called LEGO Town. It has changed names many times along the way. After LEGO Town it was called LEGO Land and then World City and now it is called City. LEGO City is a range that has had more items produced every year since 2005. There has always been a demand for LEGO City and this is probably due to the fact that LEGO move with the times and change the design of their boxes accordingly.

The LEGO 7905 crane is being searched for a lot on Google at the moment which is not surprising if you look at all the detailed features that come with it. It comes with a rotating bottom, a part of the crane extends to run the length of the boom, lower and raise the two containers with the winch and many more features make the LEGO 7905 a realistic addition to LEGO City.