Lego Slave 1 2010 Review

Fans of Star Wars can now recreate the magic of these incredible films with the Star Wars Lego collaboration. Offering the ability to build action figures and vehicles from these iconic films, one of the most anticipated sets created is the 2010 Lego update the Lego Slave 1, released to celebrate the 30th aniversarry of the Empire Strikes Back release.

A well armed starship, the original Slave 1 possessed incredible features that were tirlessly updated to keep this mammoth ship from being deemed obsolete. Featuring the most innovative technology the galaxy had to offer like special dummy proton torpedoes mounted with homing beacons and S-thread trackers, Slave 1 could track ships through hyperspace. The majority of these weapons were hidden beneath the hull, whilst the armor plating would slide away during the ship’s attacks.

The Slave 1 weaponry also included two heavy twin blaster cannons, as well as two rapid firing laser cannons. Rounding out the ship’s armament were two projectile launchers and a naval minelayer equipped with seismic charges.

Features that clearly add to the appeal of the Lego Slave 1, there’s plenty of authenticity to further attract Star Wars devotee’s…

Included in the updated set are three mini figures, a carbonite-frozen Hans Solo, Bossk and the infamous Boba Fett, so you can accurately portray The Empire Strikes Back. The Slave 1 vehicle can take on its enemies with it’s blasters, bombs and launchers, all of which can really fire. Out of all the new minifigures the Han Solo carbonite set really is a great feature and the detail by Lego is at the top of their game.

A fantastic addition to any Star Wars fan’s collection, the Lego Slave 1 or lego 8097, has been created with great aplomb, with fantastic detail, you really feel that Lego has put a lot of thought into this set and I’m sure it’s going to be in high demand following it’s release.