Lenox Versailles China – A Pattern That Lives Up To Its Name

What first catches the eye about the Lenox Versailles china pattern is the richness of colors in its design. It is surrounded by multiple bouquets of colorful flowers in hues of blue, green, red and pink. There’s also a heavy gold presence led by the gleaming gold trim. The raised enamel adds a sense of touch that is pleasing as well. The creamy ivory middle is classic Lenox and allows space for the food without detracting from the design.

The Versailles name is taken from the Palace of Versailles, famed site where the Treaty of Versailles gets its name from. The palace is world famous for its sheer opulence, bordering on decadence. Its three hundred and fifty rooms were built in four separate building campaigns and renovated numerous times. It remains today as a symbol of ancient royal might and splendor.

Before the construction of the Palace, there was a small royal hunting lodge. This structure would become the core of the new palace. Louis XIV, king of France had a great interest in the city of Versailles and so commissioned the architect Louis Le Vau, landscape architect André Le Nôtre, and painter-decorator Charles Le Brun to expand and renovate the lodge to meet his grand expectations. And so on down the ages it was expanded and enlarged to each kings desires until the end of the monarchy in France, when it was turned into a museum which is how it remains until this day.

It is unknown how this china pattern got its name, whether it is copied from a china service at the palace or maybe from a design of the palace itself. Regardless, it surely lives up to its name with its sense of style, richness and extravagance.

The following is a list of many of the pieces created in the Lenox Versailles china pattern during it’s fifteen year run:

12″ Chop Plate (Round Platter)

All Purpose/Cereal Bowl

Bread and Butter Plate

Coffee Pot and Lid

Coupe Cereal Bowl

Coupe Soup Bowl

Cream Soup and Dessert Saucer Set


Cup and Saucer Set (Footed)

Demitasse Cup and Saucer Set (Footed)

Dessert Plate/Cream Soup Stand

Dinner Plate

Fruit Dessert Bowl

Fruit/Dessert (Sauce) Bowl

Gravy Boat and Underplate

Gravy Boat with Attached Underplate

Luncheon Plate


Oval Serving Platter

Oval Vegetable Bowl

Round Covered Vegetable Bowl

Round Vegetable Bowl

Salad Plate

Salt Mill and Pepper Mill Set

Sugar Bowl and Lid