Lessons From the Story, The Yellow Wallpaper

A possible theme for the story The Yellow Wallpaper is that married couples should always communicate with one another. If there is one thing that struck me the most, it was the fact that the two characters showed no signs of communicating to fix their problems. The setting of the story was during the 1800s and during that time, physicians had no knowledge post-partum depression, which was what the woman in the story had.

As the story progressed, it seemed that the two didn’t even bother fixing their relationship. Without any form of communication, the couple could not find out if there are any problems. Consequently, without any form of communication, socialization or treatment, the woman went completely crazy. In our society today, communication is still a main problem that many couples face. Divorce is almost always the end result. Seeing that as a Christian just really breaks my heart. I believe that when two people make a pact before God by way of marriage, they should respect it and dignify the promise that they have made. In conclusion, perhaps the most important problem that people faced before and people still face now is the lack of communication.

Communication is key to a lasting and fruitful relationship. Sometimes, even though couples won’t agree with certain issues or topics, it is still good to communicate in the form of an argument or a debate. Even though the tone might be somewhat condescending, it is still a form of communication that will lead to better understanding. In the end, an argument will still beat no communication between couples any given day.