Let Your Computer Be the Disc Jockey

Your friends have been cajoling you into hosting a party and after a long time, you finally relented to their request. So you, along with some of your friends, went out to buy the necessary food and drinks that you would need for the party. You were all so busy that you forgot that the CD rack on your audio system got fried two days ago. Using your computer’s CD drive is out of the question because you only got two small speakers and music from which would definitely be drowned out by the chatter that is going to happen.

You were in a quandary on what to do because the hour for the party is drawing near. Well, you really should not worry because you can have your audio system and your computer work hand in hand to become the best disk jockey anybody has ever seen.

First, try to find a wire that has a stereo mini-jack audio plug on one end and dual RCA audio plugs on the other end. If you cannot find one at home, try to go to the nearest convenience store or a late night electronic store and get one. Do not worry about the price because it is really cheap. To be safe, you can also simultaneously purchase one which has a USB audio plug on one end and RCA jacks on another just in case your computer has high definition audio and has been proven not work on mini-jack plugs.

Next, locate the banks of RCA   sockets  at the back of your audio system and find the one that is marked AUDIO IN or AUX. If these are RCA inputs, their  sockets  are usually color coded, normally white and red or black and red, and it is important that you plug the proper audio RCA jack with the same color into the right  socket .

After this, locate the audio  socket  at the back or front of your computer, then plug the stereo mini-jack into the  socket  which has the label OUT, or sometimes just denoted by the audio out symbol. If you normally use USB audio with your computer, then try to plug in the USB audio plug into the port and plug the other end, which has RCA dual plugs, into the correct RCA AUDIO IN or AUX  socket  at the back of your audio system.

Now, select the AUX mode on your audio system and test your modified configuration if it works. If you cannot hear anything, try to increase the volume on your computer and on your audio system. This configuration is guaranteed to work and in just five easy minutes, you will have configured your computer to be the best disk jockey you and your friends have ever seen.