Let's Break the Sound Barrier

Last week, I was in Connecticut at a workshop for business owners. I sat next to the wonderful Ms. Laine.

We talked about our passion and mission and how so many people let the challenges of life, and the fears in our head, stop us from getting what rightfully belongs to us – whether it's related to our personal lives or our business pursuits.

Then she talked about breaking the sound barrier and that if we could grasp this concept, we would be able to persevere through whatever life throws our way.

Here's why:

Before advances in technology were made, breaking the sound barrier seemed an impossible task. Going from transonic speed to supersonic speed was unheard of in the early 1900s. By the 1940s, many engineers were still saying it could not be done. That there was limit to how high we could fly. That the sound barrier was not meant to be crossed. But some engineers did believe – and worked to prove themselves right.

The sound barrier was broken by now Retired Major General Chuck Yeager. Before his flight, at least two other pilots had attempted and ended up giving their life. Post why? Because during that time, right before you hit the barrier, there was violent shaking of the plane and the pilots made fatal mistakes – they tried to slow down and in so, lost control and the planes crashed.

When Yeager went up. The same thing happened. The plane shook violently as he approached that transition point. And while his first instinct was to let up, slow down, turn around and give up, he said that he instead decided to push harder, go faster and continue full steam ahead. Then, it happened. The famous sonic boom that was heard by those on the ground. He had done it. He had broken the sound barrier.

And you know what he said he felt immediately after that? Smooth sailing.

What's the lesson here?

That to do something great, you are going to have to breakthrough your own "sound" barriers.

  • Yes – people have tried to do what you want to before and failed.
  • Yes – the "engineers" in your life will tell you it's not possible – that your life has a barrier that can not be crossed.
  • Yes – you will feel the violent shaking of setbacks, disappointments, bad choices, frustration, irritation, annoyance and a feeling of being overwhelmed.
  • Yes – you will want to let up, slow down, turn around and give up.

But that's the time to push harder, go faster and continue full steam ahead. The barriers in your life are there to be broken. And once you do, you'll experience smooth sailing.

At least until it's time for you to bust through your next barrier!