Letter to Ex Boyfriend – Do They Work?

If you just recently broke up with your ex boyfriend it may have been devastating. All your emotions are in a blur and you probably do not know what you do. You might have thought about writing a letter to ex boyfriend to tell them how you feel. This is a good idea but beware if you want to get them back there is a certain way that you must go about this letter or you could lose them for good.

The first thing you need to do when constructing the best letter to your ex boyfriend is to figure out exactly what you want the end product to be. Do you want them to get back together with you, or do you want them to burn in HE Double hockey stick? Chances are you want to mend this disaster.

You might think that spilling your guts out in the letter about how much you love and miss them is the only way to get them back, but in fact this is very counterproductive and could ruin the relationship. You need some time to, you need some time to clear your head.

In this letter to your ex, you must be sure that you are not nor playing the blame game, at all. The best way to go about this is to simply write a very short letter just explaining that you are OK with the breakup, that you agree 100 percent with it, and that you seen it coming.

Yes you read right, the sad truth is that if the breakup was about something important you probably could have seen it coming. And with this letter it shows that you are being mature about the situation and it conveys that you are not needy. This is a very important process to mending the relationship. Guys are unique creatures and they need some space at times.

More than likely they will be expecting you to come crawling back to them and when you do not it will get them thinking. It will also make him realize that he misses you. The best letter to ex boyfriend is designed to let him know that you are OK and this will cause him to get to thinking the breakup was a mistake. You are not in the clear yet, you are much better off than you would have been if you wrote the letter any other way.