LG Shine – The New Shining Star In Mobile Universe!

Innovation is the mantra stay ahead in the modern world of ‘never-say-die’ competition. For a continuous streak of success to continue farther, it is customary to keep consumers interested with the ‘new-ness’ of a product either in terms of technology or styling. LG Electronics, the South Korean electronics giant comes up with a state-of-the-art gadget that amazingly integrates both, and oozes style and substance in a single entity. The LG KE970, popularly known as LG Shine is the shining star in the mobile phone’s universe.

A predecessor of LG ‘Chocolate’, this slider phone comes with an elegant mirror-finish metallic look. Every touch on the phone ignites a smooth tactile feeling. So let it be the smooth slide opening of the steel casing, or the view of laser-finish stainless-steel key-pad, the phone through its complete entity gives an impression of class and solidity. This 2 megapixel camera and Schneider-Kreuznach lens equipped phone comes with a 2.2” large screen with resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The screen offers a sharp and clear viewing facility and gives a stylish mirror effect while in power-off mode.

The phone, standing true to its name, shines bright with technology assemblage as well. It supports WAP, Bluetooth, USB connectivity, and comes with 8MB memory with options for expandable microSD slot. The gorgeous look of the phone continues to follow an user throughout the entire operation of the phone. It comprises an MP3 player and an innovative blogger program to aid an user to post and read blogs over internet.

In summation, LG Shine is a perfect blend of beauty and boldness. In the form of this phone, LG tries to offer a dream gadget to a style affectionade and a dependable gadget to a more serious user. In both the forms, LG Shine shines brightest of the bright. If looks could kill, here comes a phone that can kill you twice with its looks and intelligence!