Libra Man: How to Win a Libra Man’s Heart Deeply and Forever

This type of man is actually easier to ‘conquer’ thank you think, because he loves being part of a couple setting, part of a ‘pair’: he indeed sees being part of a ‘pair’ as being part of a universal harmonious plan and the only way to truly live in harmony, which he aspires to all the time. Thus, unlike with other types of men, you won’t have to convince him that being two is better than living solo: he already thinks that and, usually, he enjoys a monogamist relationship. So, your work to his heart is much easier in term of mental mindset.

Emotionally speaking, the way to his heart is through knowing him, knowing what makes him unique and showing appreciation for it. This is a man who appreciates the mind, so develop this aspect of yourself as best as you can if you wish to have his heart.

Like all air signs (and this one in particular) the way to his heart is through his mind. To him everything starts from the mind, so providing a stimulating conversation, a mentally (as at sensorial level) stimulating date, a way to engage his psyche during and after the date, are all key elements of your seduction process.

Some say that this type of man loves beauty but don’t misunderstand that for superficiality. This man is not superficial but he does enjoy harmony, such as a harmonizing, pleasing set of colors, a harmonious face, a harmonious body.

But, as mentioned before, don’t worry too much about the outside: get to him through his mind, and his love for you will be deep and lasting.