License Plate Lookup Methods

There may be a time, when you need to conduct a vehicle license plate lookup. If you happen to witness an accident or a hit and run on the street, and you want to know about the ownership of the vehicle, you may want to run an online search for this purpose. Sometimes out of sheer curiosity to know about the beautiful or handsome owner of a vehicle that zipped past you at the lights, and you somehow caught the license plate number, an online search done properly may reveal the identity of the vehicle owner.

License plate lookup can be performed both offline as well as online, but the easy, fast and preferred method is an online internet search. Looking in the right places, like most professional identity search agencies do, you can also find out the true ownership of a vehicle. When money is no issue and time precious you can utilize the services of paid services like public service databases, and cough up something like $30 to $200 annually. These service records are used by professional investigators and law enforcement agencies. Here you have to do the search yourself by inputting the vehicle number and there is no guarantee of coming up with the information or complete information.

If you prefer someone else do it for you, then online private investigators will charge close to $80 to $200 for each search, but you can put your feet up and get the complete low down on the vehicle owner like full name, address and contact details, Registration date and state, VIN number, vehicles make and model, all this without lifting a finger.

On the other hand Google may surprise you, if you enter the license plate number to search and it may throw up the information you want, because the owner may have put his or her automobile information on automobile forums including their license plate numbers, more so if the vehicle is personalized. This is free and fast if you get lucky.

Many websites, for a small fee, provide all the relevant information about ownership. Most often this information is private and confidential and accessible to only law enforcement agencies and it is not supposed to be in public domain. However, with the internet unleashed, it has become possible to access such information by spending a small amount as either one time annual fee or search item fee.

There are other websites offering free reverse license plate lookup and surprisingly most times they can come up with basic information like owner name and address, if not the complete details. Reverse license plate lookup, refers to a database which is searchable by using vehicle registration number to work its way to the owner and contact information. Instead of starting out with a name for conducting the search, it reverses the search process to trace with the license plate number lookup. Next time when you want to know who cut into your lane like a knife and almost ran you off the expressway, you will know where to look.